About me

I was born on a cheerful sunday afternoon in 1982, April 4th in Adana, Turkey. The header photo belongs to the region.

In terms of research I am interested in voting rules as collective decision making, economic design, matching theory, a little bit behavioural economics and positive political economy. Lately, I am working on digitalization, and how we can design digital markets without central authorities/intermediaries.

Apart from work, I (used to) do sculpting and pottery. I like Latin dances. I also play and record -in an amateur fashion- a few instruments such as Irish whistle, duduk, bodhrán and guitar (check below a recording inspired by BSG on soundcloud.com ).

Battlestar Galactica First Draft by burakcan1982 | Free Listening on SoundCloud.

I am interested in astronomy and science fiction. I love designing 3D models and printing them. I am also part of an Open Source social entrepreneurship project involving programming of sustainable IoT devices, (see here: sustainably.io). For a short public talk I gave about this project, check THIS.