Did we meet before?

Maybe we did!!

Who knows? I am super forgetful! So I am trying to keep a log of conferences, workshops, seminar travels to work on this absent-mindedness. See below the ones that I didn’t forget :)


Captain’s Logbook!


  • European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society, October 2005, Istanbul (attended)
  • Murat Sertel Memorial Conference on Economic Theory, December 2005, Istanbul (attended)


  • 8th International Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, July 2006, Istanbul (presentation & worked in organization)
  • The Society for Economic Design Meeting, July 2006, Bodrum (presentation)
  • Bosphorus Workshop on Economic Design, August 2006, Gokceada (presentation)
  • Murat Sertel Memorial Conference on Economic Theory, December 2006, Istanbul (presentation)
  • South and South East Asia Econometric Society Meeting, December 2006, Chennai (presentation)


  • First World Meeting of the Public Choice Society, March 2007, Amsterdam (presentation and discussant)
  • 8th International Meeting of the Association for Public Economic Theory, June 2007, Tennessee (presentation, session chair)
  • Bosphorus Workshop on Economic Design, August 2007, Bodrum (presentation)


  • The Society for Economic Design Meeting, June 2008, Michigan Ann Arbor (presented)
  • Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium, June, 2008, Maastricht (attended)


  • 14th Coalition Theory Network Workshop, January 2009, Maastricht (presented)
  • Research Visit to Harvard Business School, April 2009, Boston
  • Social Choice Colloquim, May 2009, Tilburg (Invited Seminar)
  • SED 2009 6th Conference on Economic Design, June 2009, Maastricht, (presentation & organization)
  • Bosphorus Workshop on Economic Design, June 2009, Gocek (presented)
  • Gave lectures on “Impossibilities and Paradoxes in Collective Decision Making –A theoretical approach to democracy” at Hacettepe University, Koc University, Sabanci University, Istanbul Technical University, October 2009, Ankara and Istanbul
  • Colloquium “Collective choice and economic design” in honour of Prof. Frans Spinnewyn, November 2009 (attended)


  • Doctoral Conference of ADRES, Groupe d’Analyse et de Théorie Economique, January 2010, Lyon
  • Modelling Interaction, Dialog, Social Choice, and Vagueness (MIDiSoVa), March 2010, Amsterdam (attended)
  • COST-ADT Doctoral School on Computational Social Choice in Estoril, April 2010, Portugal (attended)
  • Institute for Logic, Language & Computation, June 2010, Amsterdam (invited seminar)
  • APET 2010, The Association for Public Economic Theory, June 2010, Istanbul (presented)
  • Bosphorus Workshop on Economic Design, July 2010, Bodrum (presented)
  • COMSOC 2010, Computational Social Choice, September 2010, Düsseldorf (presented)


  • Research Visit to Weidenbaum Center, Wash. U. in St. Louis, March-May 2011, St Louis
  • The Central European Program in Economic Theory (CEPET), June 2011, Udine, Italy (presented)


  • MINT 2012, 3rd International Workshop on “Models of influence and network theory”, May 2012, Paris (attended)
  • GAMES Conference, August 2012, Istanbul (attended)
  • Social Choice and Welfare Conference, August 2012, New Delhi (presented)
  • UECE Lisbon Workshop on “Game Theory and Applications”, October 2012, Lisbon (presented)
  • Social Choice Colloquium, October 2012, Nijmegen (invited seminar)
  • 3rd International Conference on Economics- Turkish Economic Association, ICE-TEA, November 2012, Izmir (presented)


  • Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Department of Philosophy Workshop, April 2013, Rotterdam (presented)
  • ILLC Workshop on Collective Decision Making, April 2013, Amsterdam (presented)
  • Corvinus University Game Theory Seminar, April 2013, Budapest, Hungary (invited seminar)
  • Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz Economics Seminar, May 2013, Graz, Austria (invited seminar)
  • Maastricht Ambassador Lecture Series, May 2013, Maastricht (mediator)
  • Euro-INFORMS European Conference on Operations Research, July 2013, Rome (presented)
  • APET 2013, Association for Public Economic Theory Conference, July 2013, Lisbon (presented)
  • SED, Conference on Economic Design 2013, July 2013, Lund, Sweden (presented)
  • EIPE, Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics, Research Seminar October 2013, Rotterdam (invited discussant for Han Bleichrodt)
  • MES-VAD, Mathematics of electoral systems: voting, apportioning, and districting, 2013 Budapest, Hungary (presented)
  • Barcelona Meeting for Judgment aggregation (WG3) and Matching (WG4), October 2013, Barcelona, Spain (attended)
  • Research Visit Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, November 2013, Graz, Austria
  • UECE Lisbon Workshop on Game Theory and Applications, November 2013, Lisbon, Portugal (presented)
  • Tinbergen Institute Seminars on Economic Theory and Game Theory, December 2013, Amsterdam (invited seminar)


  • Istanbul Stock Exchange (Borsa Istanbul) Behavioural Finance Workshop, January 2014, (co-organized)
  • Koç University Economics Seminar, February 2014, Istanbul (invited seminar)
  • Studium Generale Lecture, “Game Theory and Matching, April 2014, Maastricht (public lecture)
  • COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice Meeting, April 2014, Maastricht (attended)
  • Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Workshop on Fair Division, Voting and Computational Complexity, April 2014
  • Maastricht University, “Session on experiences VENI Laurate for Grant Writing Training”, September 2014, Maastricht (invited talk)
  • Corvinus University Game Theory Seminar, October 2014, Budapest, Hungary (invited seminar)


  • Back to Anatolia Symposium, April 2014, Nevsehir, Turkey.
  • Research Visit to Corvinus University & Hungarian Academy of Sciences, May 2015, Budapest
  • Clusters, Games and Axioms, Lorentz Center Workshop, June 2015, Leiden (invited workshop)
  • SED, Conference on Economic Design 2015, July 2015, Istanbul (presented)
  • Economic Design Workshop in honour of Al Roth, Exeter Business School, July 2015, (invited)
  • Research Visit, INSIDE, University of Luxembourg, October 2015
  • LSE Workshop in honour of Nicholas Baigent, Philosophy Department, October 2015, London
  • Meeting of COST Action IC1250 on Computational Social Choice, November 2015, Istanbul ((invited workshop)


  • Istanbul Technical University Economics Seminar Series, February 2016, Istanbul (invited seminar)
  • Dutch Social Choice Colloquium, February 2016, Maastricht (organized)
  • NIAS Workshop on Voting, Power and Decision-making, March 2016, Wassenaar (invited participant)
  • Dutch Social Choice Colloquium, April 2016, Amsterdam (attended)
  • Universidad de Valladolid, Mathematics Research Institute, April 2016, Valladolid (invited seminar)
  • HEC Lausanne and ISET Workshop on Economic Theory and Related Research, May 2016, Lausanne (presentation)
  • Dutch Social Choice Colloquium, Erasmus University Rotterdam, June 2016, Rotterdam (attended)
  • Social Choice and Welfare Conference, June 2016, Lund (presentation)
  • Maastricht Matching Theory Workshop, July 2016, Maastricht (organized and presentation)
  • Workshop on Economic Design and Institutions, Universite Saint Louis, December 2016, Brussels (attended)
  • Dutch Social Choice Colloquium, Amsterdam 2016, Maastricht (attended)