Ingrid Rohde UM 20 Okt. 2015_Website1Ingrid M. T. Rohde    

Postdoctoral Researcher in Behavioral Economics

at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University

Postal address:
P.O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Tongersestraat 53 – Room F3.02
6211 LM Maastricht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 43 388 37 37
Fax:       +31 43 388 49 14



Efficient Coordination in Weakest-Link Games,” (joint with Arno Riedl and Martin Strobel) Forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies.

How to fight against pandemics, cybercrime and terrorism? – Solving the coordination problem“        A short essay I wrote for CTN on the importance of investigating coordination games within a network setting.

Managing Social Risk- Tradeoffs between Risks and Inequalities,” (joint with Kirsten I.M. Rohde)  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 51, 103-124.

Vraag het de externe deskundige.“ My advice to the Minister of Health with respect to nudging, in Diagonaal, staff magazine of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Nov 2015.