MU-CEN: Maastricht University CEnter of Neuroeconomics


The Maastricht University CEnter for Neuroeconomics (MU-CEN) brings together researchers from economics, finance, marketing, neuroscience, and psychology.  The centerpiece of our teaching is our two-year Research Master in Neuroeconomics, which provides rigorous training that is suitable to pursue a PhD in any of the core disciplines of neuroeconomics.

Neuroeconomics is a nascent field that represents the confluence of economics, psychology and neuroscience in the study of human decision making.  Researchers from each of these disciplines have investigated decision making processes for many decades independently, with each discipline offering unique strengths.  Accordingly, neuroeconomics combines the rigorous modeling from economics with psychological studies of social and emotional influences on decision making, and utilizes tools from neuroscience that permit the observation of otherwise latent valuation and decision-making computations that take place in the brain.