MU-CEN: Maastricht University CEnter of Neuroeconomics

Spring 2015


Date Location Speaker Topic Readings
Feb. 2 (MON) UNS40 C0.553 Evi Nalmpanti   Economics (AE1) Neural subjective value across reward domains Paper 1   Paper 2
Feb. 23 (MON) UNS40 C0.553 Paul Smeets     Finance The influence of hormones on decisions of financial professionals Paper 1   Paper 2
Mar. 9 (MON) TS53   A0.23 Arno Riedl   Economics (AE1) Neuronal hedonic values of altruistic reward Paper 1   Paper 2   Paper 3
Mar. 23 (MON) TS53   A1.23 Kelly Geyskens   Marketing Once you pop, you just can’t stop: how mindset rules biology and makes you eat  Paper 1   Paper 2
Apr. 13 (MON) OXF55 S0.012 Ernest Mihelj        CCN Neuroeconomics Neuroeconomics of stochastic choice  Paper 1
May 6 (WED) TS53   C-1.03 Moran Cerf           Northwestern University  ***Special time: 14:00-16:00.***           The neural mechanisms underlying decision-making
May 19 (TUE)  RMa Neuroeconomics student presentations
May 29 (FRI) Gideon Nave           Caltech Unstructured bargaining with private information Video 1
June 9 (TUE) M-BEPS Maastricht Behavioral Economic Policy Symposium (Link)
June 24 (WED) TS53 D0.03 Burkhard Schipper UC Davis ***Special time: 11:00-13:00.***          Sex hormones and economic decision-making Paper 1