Curriculum Vitae

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Current Position

2015-present Associate Professor at the Department of Quantitative Economics, Maastricht University.


Previous Positions

2012-2015 Assistant Professor at the Department of Quantitative Economics, Maastricht University.
2009-2012 Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Quantitative Economics, Maastricht University.



2004-2009 PhD in Economics at the Department of Quantitative Economics, Maastricht University.
PhD thesis: “Bootstrapping Nonstationary Time Series” (received Christiaan Huygens wetenschapsprijs 2012).
2000-2004 BSc and MSc in Econometrics at Maastricht University (cum laude)


Research Interests
Time Series Econometrics, Bootstrap and Resampling Methods, High-Dimensional Statistics, Panel Data Econometrics, Nonparametric Statistics, Macro-Econometrics, Financial Econometrics, Climate Econometrics, Official Statistics.

Publications and Working Papers




Grants, Honors and Awards


PhD supervision

  • Alexander Heinemann, “Bootstrap Inference for Risk Measures” (defense June 20, 2019; daily co-supervisor; funded by NWO Research Talent grant).
  • Hanno Reuvers, “Vector Autoregressions: Lag Order Uncertainty and Least Absolute Deviations” (defense May 14, 2018; co-promotor).
  • Robert Adamek, “Honest Inference in High-Dimensional Time Series” (2018-2022; supervisor; funded by NWO Vidi grant)”.
  • Adam Jassem, “Enrichment of economic and marketing models with unstructured text data” (2018-2022; supervisor)”.
  • Marina Friedrich, “Bootstrap Inference for Nonparametric Time-Varying Coefficient Models” (2014-2018; daily co-supervisor).
  • Luca Margaritella, “Inference in High-Dimensional Time Series” (2017-2021; daily supervisor; funded by NWO Vidi grant)”.
  • Yicong Lin, “Structural Instability in Time Series Models” (2016-2019; daily co-supervisor)”.
  • Caterina Schiavoni, “Big Data as a Data Source for Official Statistics” (2017-2021; daily co-supervisor; funded by Statistics Netherlands).
  • Etiënne Wijler, “Analysis of High-Dimensional Time Series Methods” (2015-2019; daily supervisor).


PhD assessment committees

  • Dominik Blatt, “Advancements in Structural Break Testing”. (June 21, 2018, member of defense committee)
  • Sean Telg, “Mixed Causal-Noncausal Models; Identification, Estimation and Inference”. (December 6, 2017, member of defense committee)
  • Artem Duplinskiy, “Persistency in Dynamic Econometric Models”. (March 22, 2017, member of reading committee)
  • Lennart Freitag, “Credit Rating Agencies and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis”. (May 12, 2016, member of defense committee)
  • Oksana Balabay, “Time Series Modelling in Repeatedly Conducted Sample Surveys”. (May 11, 2016, member of defense committee)
  • Dennis Türk, “Electrified – Essays on Trading and Risk Management in Electricity Markets”. (February 5, 2016, member of reading committee)
  • Hande Karabiyik, “Estimation and Inference in Cross-Sectionally Dependent Panel Data Models”. (January 21, 2015, member of reading committee)
  • Thomas B. Götz, “Modeling Non-stationary and Stationary Mixed Frequency Time Series”. (September 10, 2014, member of reading committee)


Professional Activities


Management Tasks

  • Deputy Theme Leader of the GSBE Research Theme on Data-Driven Decision Making (D3M), Maastricht University (2017-present}.
  • Member of Steering Committee Institute of Data Science, Maastricht University (2016-present).
  • Member of Board of Admission MSc Econometrics and Operations Research.
  • Member of Board of Admission MSc Economic and Financial Research.


Referee Activity

  • Annals of Economics and Statistics, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Econometrics, Econometric Reviews, Econometric Theory, Economic Modeling, Empirical Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Journal of Applied Statistics, Journal of Time Series Analysis, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Statistica Sinica, Statistical Methodology, Statistics, Statistics & Probability Letters.


Conference and Seminar Presentations


Executive Teaching & Consultancy

  • Joint course developer and teacher of module “Time Series” in BISS Certified Data Science executive education programme.
  • Project Leader of “Forecasting Commodity Prices” in collaboration with OCI Fertilizers.


Software competences

  • R, Gauss, C++, Python, Matlab, Ox, LaTeX.
    A selection of codes for methods developed in my research is available here.