Maastricht University

Year 2012/2013
Allocations and Algorithms (Period 4)
Supply Chain Research Methods (Period 2+5)
Game Theory and Optimization (Period 1)
Year 2011/2012
Auctions and Electronic Markets (Period 5)
Allocations and Algorithms (Period 4)
Supply Chain Research Methods (Period 2+5)

Technical University Berlin Summer 2011

- Lecture: Graphen- und Netzwerkalgorithmen (ADM I)
Winter 2010
- Seminar: Algorithmische Spieltheorie
Summer 2010
- Lecture: Algorithmische Spieltheorie
Summer 2009
- Seminar: Ausgewählte Themen in der Spieltheorie
Winter 2008/09
- Lecture: Lineare und konvexe Optimierung in der Spieltheorie
Summer 2008
- Lecture: Algorithmic Game Theory
Winter 2005/2006
- Seminar: Spieltheorie in der Telekommunikation

Supervised PhD thesis

Competition for Resources — The Equilibrium Existence Problem in Congestion Games
Max Klimm, Technical University Berlin, 2012
Designing Mechanisms for Good Equilibria
Philipp von Falkenhausen, Technical University Berlin, 2014

Supervised Diploma/Master thesis

UMKC: Utility Max-Min Fair Congestion Control
Konstantin Miller, TU Berlin, 2007
Adaptive Routing Strategies in Congested Networks
Martin Sieg, TU Berlin, 2009
Congestion Games and Potentials
Max Klimm, TU Berlin, Germany, 2009
Reine und starke Nash-Gleichgewichte in ungewichteten und gewichteten Auslastungsspielen
Tristan Weigel, TU Berlin, 2010
Tolls in Transportation Networks
Ingo Kleinert, TU Berlin, Germany, 2011
Optimal Cost Sharing Protocols for Scheduling Games
Philipp von Falkenhausen, Technical University Berlin, 2011
Pure Nash Equilibria in Bottleneck Congestion Games with Elastic Demands
Manuel Schneider, TU Berlin, Germany, 2012
Profit maximizing tolls on networks
Martin Thesling, Maastricht University, 2012
The Price of Stability in Congestion Games
Peter Vaskovic, TU Berlin, 2013

Supervised Bachelor thesis
Game theoretic model for the downlink in cellular mobile networks: Nash equilibria and algorithmic convergence
Jonatan Krolikowski, TU Berlin, 2012